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Dr. Nick Davies


BSc Hons (Wits); MSc (Wits); BSc Hons (Psych)(UNISA)
MA (Clin Psych)(Wits); PhD(Wits)

Practice No: 086 000 0329045 Reg No: PS0102121

You probably found your way to this website as part of your search for a psychologist.

Selecting a therapist is a highly personal matter and finding the “right” therapist and then starting therapy is often anxiety provoking.

Although my website can’t answer all the questions you may have, I hope it will tell you a little about how I understand my work as a therapist.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further queries about therapy in general, or about the therapeutic services that I offer.

I am registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as a clinical psychologist.

I offer both brief (supportive) and long term psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy to individual adults and couples.

(What is psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy?).

Psychotherapy is a process that can be very helpful in dealing with a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, mood swings, eating disorders, self harm, and obsessive and compulsive behavior as well as understanding very personal sources of distress and angst in an individual’s life.

However it is not limited to these and can also be helpful in exploring relationship difficulties, both with others and with yourself, addressing self-esteem issues and developing increased self insight.

My work ranges from assisting people with managing everyday anxiety and stress, to those facing a sudden crisis, through to assisting those struggling with psychological difficulties of a more serious nature.

Often as we grow up we adopt ways of managing difficult circumstances which, although they served us as children, are no longer helpful now, interfering with our adult lives and preventing us from being relatively content.

Generally my aim in my work with clients is to explore the internal conflicts, past traumas and unhelpful coping strategies which hamper an individual in fully understanding and appropriately meeting their personal wants and needs at this point in their life, in attaining a sense of personal well being, as well as achieving satisfying relationships with self and others.

I also strive to identify those capable and competent parts of the individual and to enlist these in aiding the patient move towards the kind of life they wish for.

Psychological health and happiness is more than the absence of unhelpful symptoms – it is the ability to call upon inner capacities and resources that assist an individual to find a greater sense of freedom and possibility in the life.

Psychological Services

  • Adult Individual Therapy (18+)
  • Couples Therapy

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Nick Davies
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